Environmental Atlas of Abu Dhabi Emirate – the Credits

About the Atlas Project and this Page

The Environmental Atlas of Abu Dhabi Emirate was a project undertaken to reveal and highlight the natural and historical wealth of Abu Dhabi– one of seven emirates that comprise the United Arab Emirates… a nation located in the Arabian Peninsula mainly along the eastern Arabian Gulf. Our goal was to bring together scientists and experts, policy-makers and stakeholder groups to work together with teams of artists, writers and illustrators to produce a beautiful and creative overview of the environmental and cultural heritage of the Abu Dhabi Emirate.

The story of this monumental project is an interesting and compelling one… something that I could speak to from experience. For nearly two years, I was one of a handful of project managers who oversaw this enormously challenging effort. In a nutshell, my job was to motivate and empower everyone else to do the impossible, every single day. While it is arguable that my leadership played a role in our eventual success, it is undeniable that the actual success is directly attributable to the exceptional effort of those project contributors and partners who did not let what seemed impossible to many keep them from achieving it.

Today, the Atlas is available to a world-wide audience, a glimpse into the natural and historical wonder of the amazing Emirate which is Abu Dhabi. Much of the content, illustrations and informative graphics are now available online and through social media. What concerns me as this work extends beyond its covers, is that the people who originally made this wonderful work will largely be forgotten. To that point, I have erected this page– built from my own notes and recollections of my time with the project– to honor all those groups and individuals who made the Atlas and its offspring possible for everyone to enjoy. They are the most honorable and hardworking people I have ever met, they will forever have my respect and my thanks.

*My sincerest apologies if I have omitted or misremembered anyone in this recollection. Tell me about it


Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi (EAD)

Special Thanks


Senior Editors

Environmental Atlas Staff

Project Management
Content Management
Creative Team
Front Cover Design
Research, Writing and Editing
  • Tyler Frith
  • Zahra Al Hashmi
  • Luc Vallee
Administrative Support

Primary Authors and Contributors

  • Sheikh Hamdan Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Chairman, Board of Directors, EAD; Ruler’s Representative in the Western (Al Gharbia) Region, Emirate of Abu Dhabi
  • Mohammed Al Bowardi, Managing Director, EAD; Secretary General, Abu Dhabi Executive Council
  • Peter Hellyer
  • Todd J. Stermer, EAD
Geographic Inheritance (Geology and Geography Chapter)
  • Mahmoud A. Abdelfattah, EAD
  • Mohamed A. Al Abri, National Centre of Meteorology & Seismology
  • Dr. Mark Beech, Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage
  • Dr. William W. Dougherty, Stockholm Environment Institute
  • Dr. Ken Glennie, University of Aberdeen
  • Anil Kumar, EAD
  • Dr. Stephen Lokier, Petroleum Institute Abu Dhabi
Resource of Life (Water Chapter)
  • Majdi R. Al Alawneh, EAD
  • Tawfiq Fahmi Darawsha, EAD
  • Dr. Mohamed A. Dawoud, EAD
  • Sabine Latteman, Institute for Chemistry and Biology of the Marine Environment
  • Dr. Nader Mohammed, WEER Consultancy
  • Karim Rakha, KISSR
Sea to Summit (Marine Chapter)
  • Thabit Zahran Al Abdessalam, EAD
  • Ashraf Al-Cibahy, EAD
  • Dr. Himansu Das, EAD
  • Edwin Grandcourt, EAD
  • Stanley Hartmann, EAD
  • Dr. John Hoolihan, NOAA
  • Dr. Sálim Javed, EAD
  • Dr. Anbiah Rajan, EAD
Sea to Summit (Terrestrial Chapter)
  • Dr. Sálim Javed, EAD
  • Maher Kabshawi, EAD
  • Khaldoun Kiwan, EAD
  • Myyas Quarqaz, EAD
  • Dr. Anitha Saji, EAD
  • Sabitha Sakkir, EAD
  • Abdulnasser Ali Al Shamsi, EAD
  • Pritpal Singh Soorae, EAD
International Fund for Houbara Conservation
  • Mohammed Saleh Hasan Al Baidani, IFHC
  • Delphine M. Delire, IFHC
  • Mark William Lawrence, IFHC
  • Olivier LeGrand, IFHC
Natural Capital (Oil and Natural Gas Chapter)
  • Nick Cochrane-Dyet, BP
  • Mark Hayman, The Petroleum Institute Abu Dhabi
  • Peter Hellyer
  • Anil Kumar, EAD
  • Dr. Stephen Lokier, Petroleum Institute Abu Dhabi
  • John O’Conner, OconEco
Human Journey (Cultural Chapter)
  • Dr. Ahmed Bashir, EAD
  • Dr. Mark Beech, Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage
  • Peter Hellyer
Pathways (Future of Abu Dhabi)
  • Peter Hellyer
  • Dr. Jaber Eidah Al Jaberi, EAD
  • Victoria Penziner, UAE University
  • Dr. Richard Perry
  • Roman Pryjomko, GPC
  • Eng. Hazem Qawasmeh, EAD
  • Gayatri Raghwa, EAD
GIS and Cartography Production